Characteristics of the Art work of the Renaissance Period

warren mandel

Advancement of Renaissance craftsmanship occurred in three phases, to be specific, Early Renaissance (1400-1475 AD), High Renaissance (1475-1525 AD) and Late Renaissance or Mannerism (1525-1600 AD). A considerable measure of changes in craftsmanship occurred amid these time periods. With this recently discovered monetary backing, there was an uncommon change in the conduct and thinking about the craftsmen. They inside and out rejected the medieval workmanship accentuation on religion and after life, along these lines beginning an unrest in the field of craftsmanship.

A famous architect Warren Marc Mandel says that the specialists of the early renaissance time frame trusted that craftsmanship can’t stay static; it ought to create and advance. The specialists of early renaissance inspected the light, shading, and space procedures utilized by the old Greek and Roman craftsmen. They utilized the effective inventive procedures of the old period specialists to make another and cutting edge artistic expression.


Not at all like the craftsmen of the medieval period, who painted great animals, had the center of the specialists moved to the human body. Reasonable expressions were given to the human figures, be it in painting, design or mold, and the idea came to be known as Realism. Painters like the celebrated Masaccio still painted religious topics; however the holy people in the sketches wore normal individuals’ garments and had regular expressions.

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