Pattaya Hotels – How To Choose The Best One?

Pattaya hotels are well-known to be amongst the best in the world in terms of cordiality and amenities. As one of the most visited destinations in Thailand, the city has a perfect blend of sightseeing, shopping, activities and entertainment. However, with a wide variety of hotels to select from, making a choice on where to stay can get puzzling. Here is a guide to help you easily choose on the hotel that is best for you.

Work out a budget

There are Pattaya hotels in every price range, from budget housing such as backpacker guesthouses and hostels to high end five star luxurious beach resorts. Getting a fix on the amount that you want to spend every day on lodging can help narrow your hunt. However, also bear  in mind that you can often find good, outstanding hotels by stretching your budget a little, which will help you save money in the long run by decreasing transport prices.You can get to know about trips phuket on various online sites.

Decide on what facilities you must have

Once you get a rough idea on your budget, look at the numerous amenities provided at the Pattaya hotels that you can afford. For example, you might want a swimming pool on the premises, especially if you are travelling with children. If you are on a romantic break, you might want a private beach or a restaurant on the waterfront. If you are into sports and fitness, you may want to stay at Pattaya hotels that have fitness centres, tennis courts or other activities nearby.

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