Are You Too Old To Learn Scuba Diving?

We are always articulated that we should learn sports when we are young, when our bodies are more buoyant to the bruises and bumps which can be aggrieved on us when we learn a new sport. This is true to a certain extent. Take for example, my experience learning wind surfing.

I learnt the sport when I was 25. If I were to learn this sport now at age 42, probabilities are I would not go far and would perhaps give up after 1 or 2 tries. Learning wind surfing was like fighting with all the forces at the same time! You can visit to get detailed information about scuba diving.

We’re talking about trying to balance on uneven waves on a slippery wet board, at the same time steering a sail which weighs more than you in the accurate direction that you want to go. In the process, I contributed blood and flesh from cuts on barnacles and contusions from hitting the surf board more than once before dwindling into the waters.

But there is an enormous difference with scuba diving. You are never too old to learn scuba diving. I can never say this enough. I learnt scuba diving when I was 38. Now I’m not saying that 38 is a ripe old age but still, the body does feel somewhat less robust and less resistant.

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