Creative Things People Have Been Using Self Storage

Believe it or not, there are now as many self storage facilities and here are just a few of the most creative things people happening to be using them for.

Increased living area

Sick of not getting enough space in the woman house to entertain visitors, one Bristol resident have been renting out a self storage unit to act as her living space. Full of homely decorations, the lady regularly encourages her friends around for coffee and a chat. Griffinselfstorage provides you a platform for selfstorage.

Cage fighters

A professional fighter started up his or her own business teaching martial arts but was struggling to find premises because standard gyms do not have the specialist equipment required along with the overheads of starting up at his or her own location were far beyond what he could pay for. Six years ago he decided to use a self storage unit to explain to his classes in and in a matter of six months the business was expanding. Requiring a lot more space for bigger instructional classes, he rented the unit across the street and simply removed the particular partition so he can have one big room.

The charity

The person and his business lover collect unwanted false limbs from rehab centers across the UK and send those to an organization in Tanzania of which desperately needs them. They use self storage facilities to hold the limbs until they’re shipped along with the location they’re at even very kindly lets them apply it rent free.

A tunes academy

Truly testing how sound-proof self storage units can be, this fully functioning music academy including a recording studio operates their business from one. The huge draw for that academy was the belief that the unit started as a blank space which means that they could sound-proof the unit, improve the acoustics and add their very own recording studio.

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