Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

Cell phones are surely the most essential of all today’s electronic gadgets. We can live without digital cameras, microwaves, flat screen TVs and MP3 players as long as we have a Smartphone. People have been known to suffer anxiety attacks after losing their mobile phone, and to feel bereft, cut off and isolated.

This deep level of attachment probably explains our blindness to the risk that cell phone radiation brings. Whereas we might think that microwave ovens are dangerous, we completely ignore the even greater risk that comes from placing a mobile phone in our trouser pocket all day long, where it is just millimeters away from our body and sending microwave radiation into our groin on a constant basis.

That radiation is strong enough at close range to damage human sperm cells. It also causes the testes to produce less testosterone, and those sperm cells that are produced to be weaker, less viable, and less healthy than normal sperm. For any man hoping to become a father, it could make the difference between a healthy child being born and no child or a child with a genetic defect being born.

You can ameliorate the effect of all that radiation though, by keeping your mobile phone in a radiation shielded cell phone case. These cases make it possible to carry your phone around all day, safely.

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