Ewen Chia, the World’s Leading Super Affiliate

Ewen Chia is an online marketing guru "extraordinaire". He began his expedition on the web back in 1997 and made a fortune when the very idea of making money on the internet was though of as a preserve for shady, underworld characters. The best news is that you can now learn the same tricks which served to propel Ewen to the top of affiliate marketing earning charts and make yourself a personal fortune as well.  


Bestselling Author and Coach

The rise and rise of Ewen Chia came about with the publication of his book "How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How you Can Too". It is a book which caused a sensation on the web and in actual bookstores. In it, Ewen Chia shares his secret to dominating any affiliate marketing niche using a few, secret methods. They are the same secrets he shares in his very popular global marketing tours.

Why is Ewen Chia Different?

If you have been doing some affiliate marketing for some time, you must have come across a number of self confessed "gurus" peddling different techniques of affiliate marketing. But Ewen Chia is different as he offers simple but practical ways of making affiliate marketing work for you. His methods are also so simple that even if you have never made a cent online, you can get started right away and start making your fortune!

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